About us

Campanula online store is pleased to welcome you on our website to offer our best floral arrangements.

We hope they would be a wonderful gift for your beloved and a stylish decoration for
home and office.

Our floral arrangements from natural plants will certainly become an enjoyable present for your family and friends.

Preserving genuine freshness, they will serve as a perfect reminder of a special occasion you meant to commemorate with the gift, and a real relish for all those who value pure taste, original ideas and quality performance.

Viewing floral arrangement relieves stress and anxiety, calms nerves and stimulates creativity.

Indoor plants arrangements in picturesque bowls will create an inviting atmosphere both in the office and home. They will help refine the interior, shape homelike and friendly environment and contribute to productive working performance.

A miniature garden of plants, tiny houses and garden paths will transfer you to the world of dwarfs, elves and fairies and bring delight to your children, adding a celestial fairy-tale spirit to your home.

Florariums will become a unique feature of your home and highlight the refined taste of its hosts.

Spicy plants and culinary herbs will not only add finishing to the kitchen, but also give taste to your favorite dishes.

Our flower arrangements contain plants with similar storage conditions. Besides the information on our website we are ready to provide additional details and consult you on the product choice and care.

Leave your comments and remarks in our “Reviews” section and familiarize with payment and delivery terms in “Payment, delivery and returns” section.

We hope that Campanula store will evoke positive emotions, bringing you joy and true happiness.